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like the impossible orchard before every squeezing agora

like the crying-baby-psycho-local-frenzy self

like you me us not mine not yours not even ours

like any news loop lauded climate catastrophe of the mirror

like the loophole out is a needle head it fucking stings

like in uberland each face i see a late receipt to the undying

like technocracy of photoshop djs to monetize the remix ego

like hook looks candy every crush a legitimate manicure

like sex with every colour a visible world can come to body

like precisely what it means to be late fears the party never ends

like cacophonous mornings every bit of laundry wide open window

like anti to heaven thesis rush hour dialectics everyone a synthesiser

like and because nor but or how ever to never ever

like the anvil will at times fall there is many a thing called society

like spare the ground for all the jumps you fly-tipped

like sedimenting rock addicts of the sand world now to Zuckerberg spite

like call me by my name i’ll call you by yours ok but please call

like law of the excluded middles well friends are not followers

like a pain in your lower back is a pain in my upper and lower back

like Total Freedom spins the wheels fortune mows lawn and feet with it

like god dog hides cocky under fast track wheels can’t you see

like somebody falls off the balcony live pass me the salt please

like a wiki surveying social contingencies as you play good cop

like cockroaches will some day rave on our sepulchral expanse

like your average gleaning forehead feels hot about the coastline

like you tell me a search engine for feelings the way i don’t

like litres grammes and watts of pretty much anything else can’t

like you won galactic lottery now take this watch and just watch

First version in Modern Queer Poets, edited by Richard Porter, Pilot Press, in 2019. Read live as part of the launch event for the anthology (9 January 2020) at Tenderbooks, London.

Performed as part of Free Cash Radio, a program devised by Adam Ghallagher and Ruth Angel Edwards at Cashmere Radio, 28-29 February 2020.

Another version is included in some times zero hours, a pamphlet edited by SPAM Press, May 2022.

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